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Steel Challenge


Steel Challenge Runs Every Tuesday Starting @ 5PM May - Sep



Steel Challenge

3 Gun Shoot 2nd @ 4th Wed of each month @ 5 PM starting in May



Archery Shoot Monday Starting at 5PM May thru October


You hit what?



    • Note:

    • Our club would like our members to shoot more and score higher. If your have an event in mind approach a club officer or director with proposed rules and formatting.


  • 2015 Bullseye
  • Outdoor Bullseye Pistol Shoot Thur. nights  @ 5:00 pm (June thru Sept.)

Rockdale Summer Bullseye League 2015

Bullseye Shooters        

The Rockdale Rod & Gun will have Outdoor Bullseye Shoots during this summer. The first shoot will be on Thursday May 7th, signup will start at 4:45 pm the last shoot will be Thursday August 20th for a total of 16 weeks. Each relay will be able accommodate twelve shooters. The first relay will be .22 rim fire and center fire on the second relay. We will run as many relays as light permits. The shoots will be rain or shine. The first relay will start when the line is full or not later than 5:30.

On unsafe rainy days (severe thunder storm) we will move to the indoor range. Only lead bullets will be used in the indoor range.

There will be a signup fee of $10.00 for non members $5.00 for members and $2.00 each gun. Scoring will be done by the shooters. Rockdale will have a modified Lewis system payout. First place will payout then one of next six places will be selected with a random generator (A Dice). The random number will be generated at the end of each shoot. It will be applied to each block of six shooters (2nd - 7th and 8th -13th and etc…). If the last block is not full it will not payout if the random number misses the shooters.

Rim fire and Center fire will payout each week as follows: $2.00 for first place $ 2.00 first block winner and 2.00 for each remaining block winners. Payouts will be available the night of the shoot.

            We will be setting up tables Rifle Range Pavilion and target frames on the Rifle Range. There will be twelve target frames set 50 yards. After completing the slow fire portion of the shoot each shooter will move his or hers frame to the 25 yard line and change the target with 25 yard target. After completing the time and rapid portion of the shoot the shooters will move the frames back to 50 yards for center fire relay with the proper target installed in each frame.  All target backs will be repaired at the end of the evenings shoot and stored in the range cupboard. The frames and tables will be returned to there proper storage place.

Reserved times will be allowed. To pre-register, E-mail Steve Ingalls at 48 hours before the shoot. Relay positions will be first come first sever bases, if the relay is not full with pre-register shooters.

Summer Bullseye League Results

CMP Rimfire Sporter Rifle Match Results from 03-01-2015

High Power Matches

High Power matches are scheduled for May 16th, July 18th and August 22.

Please see Rick J. Rick B. or Steve I. for more information



Pistol Team

The 2014-2015 Pistol League is underway.

Sporter Rifle Team

The NYS Sporter Rifle League 2014-2015 season is underway

We now host both the Rockdale and Sidney Sporter Rifle Teams.


Monthly Trap Shoot

The Club's public trap shoot is held on the second Sunday of each month.

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