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Rockdale Rod and Gun Club is an active group of conservationists supporting the Shooting Sports and our hunting heritage for over 50 years.Closing Quote

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Thanks to our dedicated members, we are one of the leading providers of Hunter, Bowhunter and NRA Pistol Education in Central New York.Closing Quote

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The ranges are open for members use during this time but please use recommended virus precautions.

Calendar of Events 2022

Monthly meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:00PM.

Date January Date July
3 4th of July Picnic and Rockdale Range Day
9 Trap Shoot/ 1200 Pistol Shoot 10 Trap Shoot
16 Youth 4-H Shooting Sports  20 Regular Club Meeting
19 Regular Club Meeting 16,24,30 Club Closed-Private Parties
February August
13 Trap Shoot/ 1200 Pistol Shoot 6 Club Closed-Private Party
16 Regular Club Meeting  14 Trap Shoot
19 Safari Club Youth Day 13 Hi-power Shoot
20 Youth 4-H Shooting Sports  17 Regular Club Meeting Nomination Committee Formed
20 Ladies Shoot
27 Rockdale Youth Day

March10Hunter Education Course
13 Trap Shoot/ 1200 Pistol Shoot 11 Trap Shoot
17Bow Hunter Education Course
16 Regular Club Meeting 21 Regular Club Meeting & nomination of Officers
20 Youth 4-H shooting Sports
26 Boy Scout Camp-out October
1 Club Closed-Private Party
April 9 Trap Shoot & Sportsman Day/ 1200 Pistol Shoot
10 Youth 4-H Shooting Sports  19 Regular Club Meeting & Election of Officers
10 Trap Shoot 22,23 Bow Hunter Weekend
16 Rockdale Youth Day
20 Regular Club Meeting November
13 Trap Shoot/ 1200 Pistol Shoot
16 Regular Club Meeting
May 19 Ranges closed for Weekend and Regular Big Game Season
8 Hi-power shoot 20 Youth 4-H Shooting Sports 
9 Trap Shoot
10 Summer Trap League Starts December
15 Chicken Bar-B-Q
18 Regular Club Meeting Possible Club Auction 11 DMP Day-NO TRAP SHOOT
21 Regular Club Meeting & Christmas Party
June 31 Holiday Hunt
11 Hi-power Shoot 
12 Trap Shoot/  Chicken Bar-B-Q
15 Regular Club Meeting
Notes: Last revised on 11-17-21
Work days scheduled as Needed
Pistol Teams matches on Friday nights(Oct. thru April)
Sporter Rifle League matches on Thursday nights(Sept. thru Feb.)  
  **Possible Events** .22 Bench Rest 1st and 3rd Tuesday May thru Sept.
DON'T FORGET THE FRIENDS OF THE Steel Challenge and 3 Gun Shoot 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month 
NRA BANQUET    @ 5 P.M. Starting in May Outdoor Bullseye Pistol on Thurs. nights @ 6 P.M.(May thru Sept.)
* Senior Citizens meet 2nd & 4th Tuesday 11AM to 3PM (April to Nov.)
CMP shoots to be announced Open Archery Shoot Mondays starting @ 6 P.M.(July thru Oct.) 
  Scheduled Events are subject to change   Dues are Due October 1st


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