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TO:  All Rockdale Rod and Gun Club Members
DATE: August 16 2016

REF:  Upcoming Events

Fall and Winter are just around the corner.  We had a very busy Spring and Summer at the club.

It’s time to get into the Fall and Winter Swing of Things. As always we will have a big push on to sell our annual club raffle tickets during September and October.  Please help out the club all you can as this is our major fund raising event for the year.

We start out the month of September on a busy schedule, September 17th is our Hunters Safety Course, followed by our Bow Hunters course on September 18th.  This year we have a new course that is offered NRA pistol Instructor Course on September 24th and 25th.Please Note:  as of September 30, Membership Dues for 2016-17 are Due!  Dues will remain at $50.00 for resident members.  Dues and Raffle Tickets can be given to any Club Officer/Director, or can be mailed to the Club:  Rockdale Rod and Gun Club, 312 Rockdale Road, Mt. Upton, NY  13809.

October brings us to weekly pistol and sporter rifle competition.  We continue with our monthly trap shoots combined with a pistol/ 1200 shoot starting on October 9th.  The monthly Club Meeting will be held on the 19th, its also election of Club Officers, come out and vote.  And finally in October is our big Bow Hunters Weekend the 15th and 16th, a great time for all.

November brings us Big Game Hunting, we all look forward to this time of the year.

Finally in December, on the 11th we have DMP Day, a fun day for all, with food and exercise for all.  Don’t forget about December 21st our annual Christmas Party, great food, drink and fun for all.

Sunday Trap Shoots are the 2nd Sunday of the month  year round with the exception of the month of December.

We are constantly making upgrades to YOUR Club.  A great  amount of work and upgrades are being done to both the outdoor and indoor ranges.  We now have shooting benches for the outdoor range and a new concrete slab, great for sighting in your firearm.

NOTE:  Consult the clubs website for any possible

 The club can always use help with all of the events we have scheduled.  I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that the success of the club depends on the participation of its members.  Have a great Fall and Winter.



Thanks for your Support
Tom Hoyt - Secretary


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